Meaning is found in our lives together

Coffee and Conversation

Services are held Sunday’s at 10:00 from September – June and are lead by members of our congregation.

Topics are determined by the speaker and range in topics, though are focused on the betterment of society.

We are a “Come As You Are” congregation who eagerly invite the entire family to join us for services, Religious Education for the youth, and coffee following each service.

Nursery services are provided.

In celebrating our diversity,
we enhance our own spirituality.

Become a Member

The Unitarian Universalist religion is creedless; we do not have a formal statement of belief or confession of faith that one must make prior to becoming a member.

The church’s roots are in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but there are members who are believers in many of the world’s faiths.

Each person is encouraged to build a personal faith based on experience, reason, and gained insight. As a religious/spiritual community, we are co-creators of living truth; meaning is found in our lives together.  In celebrating our diversity, we enhance our own spirituality.

How to Join

After studying the UU Principles and our church Mission and Vision, if you agree, you are invited to join our church by signing the Membership Book.

Join us in Creating a World Community of Peace


Share your thoughts and join our events. If possible, donate through PayPal to support the general maintenance of our building, create our events and support our community.