2021-2022 Program Archive


Dec 4, 2022 Paul Blaney “The Wisdom Of Cartoons”

Nov 13, 2022  Amelia Bland Waller “Apatheism”
Text copy of talk 

Nov 6, 2022 Mark Finney
“Justice, Equity, and Founding Documents”
Justice, Equity, and Founding Documents”[pdf file of typed text ]

Oct 23 2022 Gerry Murphy
“What is A Course in Miracles?”

Oct 17 2022  Mike Ivey
Evidence [ a pdf file of typed text ]

Oct 9 2022 Cathy Abernathy, Kelly Bremner, and Emily Lachniet
Reproductive Justice 

Oct 2 2022 Felicia Mitchell
“A Mother Speaks, A Daughter Listens:  Journeying Together Through Dementia”

Sept 25 2022 Paul Blaney
“Charity: Giving and Forgiving”

“The Early Church – Friend or Foe to Women”

Aug 21,2022,   Gerry Murphy
“How to cultivate empathy in our lives and relationships.”

A Look at the Many Facets of Happiness – printed versrion (pdf)

June 5, 2922 Bunny Medeiros

May 29 2022 Paul Blaney
“Religion Part II”
“Religion Part II” – PDF Printed version

May 22 2022 Bob Hill
“Oh No! Not another War!”
“Oh No! Not another War!” – PDF Printed version

May 15 2022 Kelly Bremner
“The Power of Joy “

May 8 2022 Gary Angel
“The Most Special One – Mother”

May 1 2022 Gerry Murphy
“Exploring the death motif in classical literature: What does it reveal about life?”

Apr 25, 2022 Paul Blaney
“Religion? Part 1”
“Religion? Part 1” – PDF Printed Version

Apr 17 2022 Chris Burcher
“He is risen, and other separatist examples of poor grammar”

Apr 3, 2022  Jim WardenThoughts from the Titanic
Thoughts from the Titanic – PDF

“Be Here Now”

Mar 20, 2022 Richard Brian
“Life, then Reincarnation”

Mar 13, 2022 Wava Osborne
“The Hill We Climb Year 3, Reflections & Aspirations”

Mar 6, 2022 Bob Hill
My Grandmother’s God

Feb 27, 2022 Gary Angel
Safe Haven for Love

Feb 20, 2022 Eric Grossman
Why I had to leave Academia

Feb 13, 2022 Ann Mellema
A Walk through Deep Time

Feb 7, 2022 Paul Blaney
Cleanliness is next to ______

Jan 23, 2022 Gerry Murphy
Spiritual Growth and the Paradoxical Nature of Reality
 click for Pdf of talk,   right click to download file ]

Jan 16, 2022_Felicia Mitchell 
“Embroidering on the Family Tree” 
poetry reading and reflection

Jan 9, 2022 Harry Baya
“Reality, Assumptions, Beliefs and Illusions”


Dec 12, 2021 Chris Burcher
“What About All The Other Stuff?”

Dec 5, 2021 Randy Grumpelt
“Existentialism as a Way of Thinking Outside of the Box.”
Printed text of talk, a PDF file

Nov 21,2021 Kelly Bremner
How to Find a Manatee

Nov 14, 2021 Cathy Abernathy & Jane Hill
2021 UUA General Assembly

Nov 7, 2021  Paul Gadola
23 Sacraments. The journey of the Soul

Oct 31, 2021  Mike Ivey
Some Questions About Consciousness

Oct 24, 2021 Gerry Murphy
Seven Spiritual Truths

Oct 17, 2021 Harry Baya 
Reality, Religion and Consciousness

Oct 10, 2021 Linda Mashburn

Sept 26, 2021 Paul Blaney
No Fairs

Sept 19, 2021  Bob Hill
I am Saved !

May 16, 2021 Kelly Bremner

May 2, 2021 Harry Baya 

Apr 18, 2021 Randy Grumpelt

Mar 28 2021 Gerry Murphy
     The Spiritual Practice of Forgiveness

Mar 21, 2021 Paul Gadola
    The Present state of the world is 
     exactly what you need it to be. 

Mar 14, 2021 Ann Mellema
    The Lesson of Native Plants

Mar 7, 2021 Bob Hill
      Don’t take things so seriously

Feb 28, 2021 Mike Ivey
    Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hope, and Despair:
          Emotional Responses to Crises

Feb 21, 2021 Randy Grumpelt
Existentialism & the Universe

Feb 14, 2021 Linda Mashburn
TRUTH: How do we discern it?

Feb 7, 2021 Paul Blaney

Jan 31, 2021 Gerry Murphy
Ancient Healing Modalities

Jan 24, 2021 Cathy Abernathy
The Life of Margaret Fuller

Jan 17, 2021 Eric Grossman
Moving Through The Revolution

Jan 10, 2021 Bill Chamberlain
Reflections and Resolutions

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