Past Programs

We are pleased to be able to offer you this selection of recorded programs available for download or listening.

To listen to a talk, click on the link.   On some systems you may then need to click the "start" arrow that appears, and/or  then wait another minute or two. 

To download a recording (mp3 format)  right click the item and choose "save target as"  If you have any questions about listening to, downloading, saving or burning these files to CD, feel free to contact Harry Baya at  (276-608-3060)


Dec 4, 2022 Paul Blaney "The Wisdom Of Cartoons"

Nov 13, 2022  Amelia Bland Waller "Apatheism"
Text copy of talk 

Nov 6, 2022 Mark Finney
"Justice, Equity, and Founding Documents"
"Justice, Equity, and Founding Documents"[pdf file of typed text ]

Oct 23 2022 Gerry Murphy
"What is A Course in Miracles?"

Oct 17 2022  Mike Ivey
Evidence [ a pdf file of typed text ]

Oct 9 2022 Cathy Abernathy, Kelly Bremner, and Emily Lachniet
Reproductive Justice 

Oct 2 2022 Felicia Mitchell
"A Mother Speaks, A Daughter Listens:  Journeying Together Through Dementia"

Sept 25 2022 Paul Blaney
"Charity: Giving and Forgiving"

"The Early Church - Friend or Foe to Women"

Aug 21,2022,   Gerry Murphy
"How to cultivate empathy in our lives and relationships."

A Look at the Many Facets of Happiness - printed versrion (pdf)

June 5, 2922 Bunny Medeiros

May 29 2022 Paul Blaney
"Religion Part II"
"Religion Part II" - PDF Printed version

May 22 2022 Bob Hill
"Oh No! Not another War!"
"Oh No! Not another War!" - PDF Printed version

May 15 2022 Kelly Bremner
"The Power of Joy "

May 8 2022 Gary Angel
"The Most Special One – Mother"

May 1 2022 Gerry Murphy
"Exploring the death motif in classical literature: What does it reveal about life?"

Apr 25, 2022 Paul Blaney
"Religion? Part 1"
"Religion? Part 1" - PDF Printed Version

Apr 17 2022 Chris Burcher
"He is risen, and other separatist examples of poor grammar"

Apr 3, 2022  Jim Warden
Thoughts from the Titanic
Thoughts from the Titanic - PDF

"Be Here Now"

Mar 20, 2022 Richard Brian
"Life, then Reincarnation"

Mar 13, 2022 Wava Osborne
"The Hill We Climb Year 3, Reflections & Aspirations"

Mar 6, 2022 Bob Hill
My Grandmother’s God

Feb 27, 2022 Gary Angel
Safe Haven for Love

Feb 20, 2022 Eric Grossman
Why I had to leave Academia

Feb 13, 2022 Ann Mellema
A Walk through Deep Time

Feb 7, 2022 Paul Blaney
Cleanliness is next to ______

Jan 23, 2022 Gerry Murphy
Spiritual Growth and the Paradoxical Nature of Reality
click for Pdf of talk,   right click to download file ]

Jan 16, 2022_Felicia Mitchell 
"Embroidering on the Family Tree" 
poetry reading and reflection

Jan 9, 2022 Harry Baya
"Reality, Assumptions, Beliefs and Illusions"


Dec 12, 2021 Chris Burcher
"What About All The Other Stuff?"

Dec 5, 2021 Randy Grumpelt
Existentialism as a Way of Thinking Outside of the Box."

Printed text of talk, a PDF file

Nov 21,2021 Kelly Bremner
How to Find a Manatee

Nov 14, 2021 Cathy Abernathy & Jane Hill
2021 UUA General Assembly

Nov 7, 2021  Paul Gadola
23 Sacraments. The journey of the Soul

Oct 31, 2021  Mike Ivey
Some Questions About Consciousness

Oct 24, 2021 Gerry Murphy
Seven Spiritual Truths

Oct 17, 2021 Harry Baya 
Reality, Religion and Consciousness

Oct 10, 2021 Linda Mashburn

Sept 26, 2021 Paul Blaney
No Fairs

Sept 19, 2021  Bob Hill
I am Saved !

May 16, 2021 Kelly Bremner

May 2, 2021 Harry Baya 

Apr 18, 2021 Randy Grumpelt

Mar 28 2021 Gerry Murphy
     The Spiritual Practice of Forgiveness

Mar 21, 2021 Paul Gadola
    The Present state of the world is 
     exactly what you need it to be. 

Mar 14, 2021 Ann Mellema
    The Lesson of Native Plants

Mar 7, 2021 Bob Hill  
      Don't take things so seriously

Feb 28, 2021 Mike Ivey
    Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hope, and Despair:
          Emotional Responses to Crises

Feb 21, 2021 Randy Grumpelt
Existentialism & the Universe

Feb 14, 2021 Linda Mashburn
TRUTH: How do we discern it?

Feb 7, 2021 Paul Blaney

Jan 31, 2021 Gerry Murphy
Ancient Healing Modalities

Jan 24, 2021 Cathy Abernathy
The Life of Margaret Fuller

Jan 17, 2021 Eric Grossman
Moving Through The Revolution

Jan 10, 2021 Bill Chamberlain
Reflections and Resolutions


Dec 13, 2020 Bob Hill
Defying the Darkness

Dec 6 2020 Gerry Murphey
America in Transition

Nov 22, 2020 Harry Baya
Carl Jung, Reflections and Suggestions

Nov 15, 2020 Kelly Bremner
The Wisdom of Women when Times are Hard

Nov 1, 2020 Bill Chamberlain
Feat, Disillusionment and Anxiety

oct 25, 2020 Kindle Perry
What's she going to talk about?
"Now, that's a Really Good Question" 

Oct 18, 2020 Mike Ivey
The Power of Faith

Oct 11, 2020 Gerry Murphy
Coming Home to the True and Higher Self

Oct 4, 2020 Linda Mashburn
Two Heroes and One Heroine 

Sept 27, 2020 Paul Blaney

Sept 20, 2020 Bob Hill
The Human Spirit

May 17, 2020 Gerry Murphy
Covid-19 Pandemic reflection

Mar 8, 2020 Erin Finney
Arts of Listening: What it takes to really listen

Mar 1, 2020 Steve Jett
My Fight for Grand Canyon with ‘Mr. Conservation’ the Sierra Club's Dave Brower"

Feb 23, 2020 Eddie Smith
Life Is...

Feb 16, 2020 Mike Ivey
Ethical Eating

Feb 9, 2020 Henry McCarthy
Sharing Poems and Telling Stories

Feb 2, 2020 Kindle Perry
Shadow Play & Light Shine

Jan 26, 2020 Gerry Murphy
The Spiritual Awakening of America

Jan 19, 2020 Eric Grossman
Cyber Virtue

Jan 12, 2020 Harry Baya
Joseph Campbell's view of Mythology
Phred & Maxine - about Harry

Jan 5, 2020 Bob Hill
A New Year-A New You


Dec 15, 2019 Mark Finney

Nov 24, 2019  Bunny Medeiros
The Journey of Writing My Story

Nov 17, 2019  Chris Barnette
Is Global Unity Even Possible?

Nov 10, 2019  Pam Phillips
Whose Are We?

Nov 3, 2019 Eddie Smith
The Search for the Truth

Oct 20, 2019 Mike Ivey
Things I Wish I Had Learned in Childhood

Oct 13, 2019 Gerry Murphy
Who are the Prophets of our Times

Oct 6, 2019 Paul Gadola
What I Actually Believe

Sept 29, 2019 Paul Blaney

Sept 22, 2019 Tiffany Sapp
A Children's Story
The Power of the Present Moment

Sept 15, 2019 Bob Hill
Salvation vs Liberation

May 5, 2019 Mike Ivey
Here Come the Judge

Apr 28, 2019 Nancy Blaney
Surveillance capitalism, artificial intelligence, 
and our digital civilization

Apr 07, 2019 Maura Ubinger
Virginia Organizing: What makes it special ?

Mar 31, 2019 Patt Griggs
Spiritual Needs of Survivors of Sexual Assault

Mar 24, 2019 Chris Barnett
It's Not About Me

Mar 17, 2019 Wava Osborne
Why do white people have so much trouble talking about racism?

Mar 10, 2019 Diane Barrett
The Power of Positive Words

Mar 3, 2019 Ann Mellema
Strategies for Connecting

Feb 24, 2019 Gerry Murphy
Is it Written in the Stars?

Feb 7, 2019 Eric Grossman
Natural Intelligence: 
Humanity's last stand in the age of robots

Feb 3, 2019 Mike Ivey
How Are We Doing?

Jan 27, 2019 Paul Blaney

Jan 13, 2019 Bob Hill
No Warranty Available


Dec 16, 2018 Erin Jurich Finney
Rituals, Relationships, and Making Meaning Together

Dec  2, 2018 linda Mashburn
Non Historical Christmas Stories
A closer look at Christmas in the bible

Nov 18, 2018 Jane Hill
Celebrating 30 Years

Nov 11, 2018 Jean Pupke
We’re Gonna Need Some Serious Religion

Nov  4, 2018 Seth Marlow
Understanding Your Transgender Neighbor

Oct 28, 2018 Paul Gadola
The Tolerance Intolerance Conumdrum

20180930 Kelly Bremner
Activist Parenting

20180923 Gerry Murphy
Loneliness in an Age of Connection

Use Me

Appalachian Theology? Yes or No

Earth Day

The Golden Rule Starts with Loving Yourself

Radical Inclusion

20180325_Harry Baya
Wisdom ?

River Worlds

Dealing with Moral Problems

Navajo Life, Navajo Belief

The Truth about Honesty

Always Beginning Again
An Evolutionary Journey in Faith

20180211_Members and Friends
Creative Writing

Do robots makes us less free?

The Music of the Spheres

Do robots make us more or less just?

What I've Come to Believe

Is it Time for a Spiritual Yard Sale?


Seasonal Reading


Happy Hanukkah

The Human Spirit

Bad History

Ram Dass

The Fate of All Mankind

Universalism and Economic Justice

Have You Made the Choice to Do Good?

A Fierce and Tender Concern for the Self

The Power of Moral Courage

The Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita

Everything Important I Learned From Plants

Cognitive Reframing - Healthy Transitions
Phred & Maxine
Embracing our Humaness

Building a Community in the Age of Acceleration

Self Culture - Comments on 1838 Channing Lecture

A Story - Memories & History

The War on Women

The Mind Required for Heaven

Dense Particularity

Crucifixion and Resurrection

Service, Advocacy, Mobilizing, and Organizing:
We need all four to truly build power.

       5 Happy Things

      The Human Spirit

          What am I?
           Where Is Hope?


       Divine Uncertainties and
            The Sacrament of Doubt in Liberal Religion
                 Changing your Relationship with Thought

                 Spiritually Stuck

                The Soul

                What is Salvation?                  

                 What did Jesus say about that?

20161030_Meg_Hoke       Opening Song
                 What's Your Story?

                 Keeping Hope Alive In Dark Times:
                 How We Inspire each other to keep going 


                A Personal Spiritual Journey 

                Can Your Lying Ever Be Morally Justified?  (missing first part of talk)

               Spiritual Learning from World Travels
              The Most Political Thing We Can Do             

                We are the Unitarian Universalists


               Personal Stories

               Avoid Assuming Negative Intent

               Food Holidays

               Trying Transcendentalism

               Give Us...Daily Bread

               Dead ends and New Beginnings
                 He Has Risen?
                 Meg Barnhouse Video
                 Dissent and Resistance
                 The Art of Balance:
                 The Wisdom of Winter
                 Citizens of the Evil Empire

20160131_Hannah Wetherill
                 "The Heroine’s Journey "

                 "Religions: What are they?"
                  Song: Halleujah - Phyllis Haile

               "Hospitality:  A Core Virtue and Spiritual Practice"

20160103_Ann_Mellema_Peter Crane
               "Natural Magic"


             Winter Solstice Program

            The Curious Journey of Christmas

            “I’m certain!  Oh Really?” 



20151115_Spencer_Conco :
               Grief Perspectives From Jesus and Buddha

20151108_Mike_Ivey: Fearful People Do Stupid Things

                The Sickness of the American Pscyche

                  Why We Talk to Cats (and Caterpillars)

                  Giving Back to the World a portion of its lost heart



                    A Firece and Tender Concern for the Self

20150510_Bunny_Medeiros: Two Extraordinary Mothers 







20150301 Anthony Flaccavento
    "Moving Beyond Cynicism in the Age of WTF Politics"

20150208 Beverly Robinette "Our Recipes for a Sacred Life"

20150125 Jolie Lewis "A Woman Divided : Pearl S. Buck"
      NOTE:  Jolie suggests two biographies of Pearl Buck:
                    Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography- Peter Conn
Pearl Buck in China - Hilary Spurling

20150118 Wava Osborne  "Mortal Choices"

20150111 Mike Ivey "Are We There Yet"

20150104 August Lageman - "Silent Night"


20141214 Mike Ivey -  "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are"   [not recorded]

20141221 Gracia Basham - "Let There Be Peace On Earth"
    [ not recorded ]

20141207  Bob Hill - The Human Spirit

20141130  U U Stories

20141123 Nicole Vachon-Hanlon Lessons from Globetrotting
   [ Open above link first, then open link below ]

      Nicole's  World Trip Pictues (PDF)

20141116 Harry Baya: "Spirituality and Meditation, A Skeptic’s View"

20141109 Felicia Mitchell:  Happy Wanderings 

20141026 Robert Smith: "Finding Peace With Meditation"

20141019 Gracia Basham:  "What I Learned When I Kept My Mouth Shut"

20141012 Bill Kirkwood: "LOVE 101: How to Love Someone"

20141005 Denise Howard:  Stone Stories: A Personal Odyssey of Their Healing Energy 

20140921 Gracia Basham:  The World in a Hand Basket 

20140914 Bob Hill: "Are Women Human"

20140330 Dr. Sarah Lageman "Parkinson's Research"

20140323 - Diane Barrett - "Rebooting Your Life"

20140316 - Gracia Basham - "My Secret World"

20140309 - Don Hill "Social Power"

20140302 - Dr. Bob Hill "Joy"

20140223 - Shane Hanlon "Finding Meaning Beyond a Label"

20140209 - Kathy Knotts "Standing on the Side of Love"

20140119 - Gracia Basham "Time Marches On"

20140112 - Harry Baya "Speaking from the Heart: Reality, Fog and Honesty, Knowledge, Opinions, Assumptions and Best Guesses" 

20140105 - August Lageman "Openings & Closings"


20131222 - Gracia Basham - The Gift of Little Things

20131215 - Charlie Mattioli - Faith and Miracles: Finding the Well Within Us

20131208 - Dr. Bob Hill - Christmas:Paradox and Metaphor

20131124 - Henry McCarthy - Poetry From the Heart

20131117 - Gracia Basham - In the Silence

20131110 - Felicia Mitchell - Love Me, Love My DNA

20131020 - August Lageman - Be Like Unto Little Children

20131013 - Gracia Basham - Waiting for the Apocalypse

20131006 - Mike Ivey - The Pursuit of Happiness

20130929 - Don Hill - Prayers and Blessings

20130922 - Gracia Basham - What's the Big Deal About Hair

20130113 - Don Hill - Atheism,  A Critique


20121209 - Beverly Robinette - Christmas Legends- Past & Present

20121202 - Dr. Martin Olsen - Mary's Birth Experience

20121111 - Jeshua Pacifici - Who are You? or Do I Need a Remedy?

20121104 - Dr. Bob Hill - Embracing the Unknown

20121021 - Gracia Walker - When God Falls Silent

20121014 - Rev. Jim Bangle - What Is Truth?

20120930 -  John Paul Jones - Religious Iconography

20120923 - Brian Johns - This Is What Democracy Looks Like

20120701 - Felicia Mitchell - Knitting in the Chemo Room

20120624 - Gracia Walker - Letting Dreams Slip Through Your Fingers

20120617 - August Lageman - The Solstice- Living in Harmony with the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and Stars

20120610 - Sean O'Sullivan - Poetry

20120527 - Steve Barrett - Spirituality in Abstract Art

20120512 - Eric Grossman - Digital Souls

20120505 - Dr. Bob Hill - A Fierce and Tender Concern for the Self

20120429 - Don Hill - Medals and Scars

20120415 - Gracia Basham - Set Your Feet Dancing

20120401 - Dr. Bob Hill - The Ark of Enlightenment

20120325 - Raj Mehta - Mysticism, Mystics and Their Poetry

20120318 - Gracia Basham - Reclaiming Jezebel

20120311 - Kyla Hebard - My Peace Corps Experience in Honduras

20120304 Kathy Knotts - Standing on the Side of Love

20120226 Don Hill -Punk Rock Theology

20120219 Gracia Basham -A Ballerina in My Pocket

20120212 Henry McCarthy - Never Read a How To Book

20120115 Gracia Basham - The Sound of Music and Other Odd Tales


Gracia Basham - A Unitarian Universalsit Salvation Story


20090426 Rev.Beverly Robinette God-Image & Womens's Self Esteeem.mp3

20090419 Dr. Paul Blaney The Reservationist in Me.mp3

20090405 Dr. Bob Hill This Day Has More to Offer You.mp3

20090329 Rev. Paul Griffith Ministering to the Incarcerated.mp3

20090322 Wava Osborne The Christian In Me (Rev. Bruce Clear).mp3

20090315 Suzanne Reid TheTheist In Me(Rev.Bruce Clear).mp3

20090308 Harry Baya The Humanist in Me (Rev. Bruce Clear).mp3

20090301 Dr. Bob Hill A Letter From Thomas Paine.mp3

20090222 Welcoming Congregation.mp3

20090208 Wava Osborne Overcoming the Color Barrier.mp3

20090201 Dr. Bob Hill Breakfast with Tao.mp3

20090104_Dr. Bob Hill_From_Loneliness_to_Creative_Solitude.mp3

New From the Archives:

Art Bagnal- American Idiot 05-29-05.mp3

Dr. Bob Hill- The Parochial to the Global.mp3

Dr. Fred Kellogg- Islam 12-12-04.mp3

Dr. Joe Reiff- Struggling with the Past.mp3

Marilyn McComas- Spiritedness in time of Crisis.mp3

Marilyn McComas- When Mannequins had Heads.mp3

Rev. Joe Adams- God is Love.mp3

Ande Devine- Entropy 04-25-04.mp3


Rev. Beverly Robinette 12-21-08 Christmas Myths and Legends.mp3

Christmas Music 12-14-08.mp3

Rev. Beverly Robinette 11-23-08 Gratitude.mp3

Michelle Vachon 11-09-08 Music.mp3

 Dr. Bob Hill 04-07-08 Illusions.mp3

Lama Gursam 10-12-08 Meditation.mp3

Beverly Robinette 10-26-08 Sound of Silence.mp3

Rev. Joe Adams 10-05-08 Soul, Heart, Spirit.mp3

Dr. Bob Hill War & the Causes of War.mp3

Sean O'Sullivan 03-20-08 Balance.mp3

Dr. Paul Blaney 03-08-08 Science & Religion.mp3

Dr. Jerry Jones 02-16-2008 Black History & Music.mp3


Carole Edwards 11-25-07 Elder Spirit.mp3

Rev Joe Adams 20071118 Family_Values.mp3

Wava Osbourne 10-21-07 Rest in Peace.mp3

Sean O'Sullivan 09-30-07 Shakespear.mp3

Bob & Jane Hill 05-06-07 UU History.mp3

Rev. Norm Stewart 03-04-07 Stolen Gifts.mp3

Dr. Kathleen Chamberlain 03-25-07 Atheism in America.mp3

Cindy McFeature, Phd The Heart Path 03-11-07.mp3


Joann Phillips 01-29-06 Stop the Abuse (2).mp3


Arlin Roy 10-09-05 What We Believe.mp3

Marilyn McComas 05-22-05 Medical Ethics.mp3

Dr. Bob Hill 05-01-05 Our Finest Hour.mp3


Bonnie Jesse 10-31-04 Storytelling (2).mp3

Homer Wilkins 10-17-04 Maintaining Our Idealism in the Real .mp3

Rev. Joe Adams 10-10-04 My Learning Curve.mp3

Dr. Bob Hill 10-03-04 Moral Meddling.mp3

Dr. Bob Hill 04-04-04 Adam's Bent Rib.mp3.mp3

Dr. Kathleen Chamberlain 03-21-04 Gay Marriage.mp3

Special Music Selections

Gold Heart Locket- Harry Baya

The Sound of Silence

John "Jack" Sklepowicz - Lazy Bum

Kate Parks- Poor Wayfaring Stranger.mp3

Harry & Phyllis- The Rose.mp3

Will the Circle Be Unbroken.mp3

The Lord's Been Good to Me.mp3

How Can I Keep From Singing-Michelle Vachon Music.mp3

someone's gonna use it after you.mp3

Higher Ground-UUCH Chorus 03-25-07.mp3

Alleluia-Michelle Vachon Music.mp3

Amazing Grace-UUCH Chorus 04-29-07.mp3

UUCH Chorus-Doxology.mp3

Piano-Michelle Vachon Music.mp3