Church Membership

The Unitarian Universalist religion is creedless, we do not have a formal statement of belief or confession of faith that you must make prior to becoming a member. The church's roots are in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but there are members who are believers in many of the world's faiths. Each person is encouraged to build a personal theology based on experience, reason and gained insight. As a religious/spiritual community, we are co-creators of living truth; meaning is found in our lives together. In celebrating our diversity, we enhance our own spirituality. After studying the UU Principles and our church Mission and Vision, if you agree, you are invited to join our church by signing the Membership Book. This simple act has a solemn meaning: it commits this church to you and you to this church. Please contact the President or Service Leader for complete information.

  • Mission:  The UUCH is a church for free minds.  We support the individual's exploration of intellectual and spiritual growth and the fellowship of an open, diverse and tolerant community.
  •  Vision:   Since we have no creeds or doctrines, we encourage personal and community growth through a variety of programs, experiences, and dialogue.  We seek to build a sense of community by encouraging fellowship among our diverse membership and participating with others in the larger community.  Our community involvement demonstrates our belief in the individual's responsibility to self, others and our environment.